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Khadi is a handspun and hand woven fabric. For the people of India Khadi is not just a fabric, but an emotion related to the Indian Independence struggle. The freedom struggle revolved around the use of khadi fabrics and the discarding of foreign-made clothes, thereby improving technology cause and effect essay topics India’s economy. The Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Association is an organisation that stabilises and strengthens Khadi work. It came into existence in the year 1955.The association, which started working with 150 Traditional Charka spinners and 6 staff members, is now one of the major Khadi institutions in the Kerala State. The organisation intend to make good quality organic and non-organic cotton clothing and fabrics


The association is one of the major institutions directly aided by Khadi and Village Industries Commission in the Kerala State. We are pioneers in the field of Muslin Khadi. Kuppadam weaving is an art of Kerala Khadi weaving. We have three such weaving centres and the product of the centre attracts the market all over India. The association is placed in the A+ (Topmost) category by the Khadi & Village Industries commission along with fifteen other institutions all over India.


Avinissery is a Panchayath 9 K.M. away from Thrissur town. It is called as “Vardha in south India”. Kerala Khadi & Village Industries Association is theWellknown Institution, established in, 1955. In 1937 some social workers in the erstwhile Cochin State formed the Cochin Village Industries Association. The then Cochin State extended financial assistance to the Association. In 1941 it was merged with All India Spinners Association. All Kochin Khadi Trust was formed in 1945 to strengthen activities in the essay review service Cochin State a nd contitued upto 1955. On 15th January 1955, Kerala Khadi andVillage Industries Association was registered. Sri. R. Krishna Iyer was thePresident. Shri. E. Ikkanda warrier, former Prime Minister of Cochin, was the Secretary Several eminent Ganddhians like Kurur Neelakandan Nambudiripad, K. Balakrishna Marar, V.R. Krishnnan Ezhuthasan,K.P. Madhavan Nair, Smt. Pavizham Madhavan Nair, T.P. Seetharaman, K. Kochukuttan, P.R. Krishnan, Amrithalal Govindalal, R.V. Krishna Iyer, M.K. Raja, C.K. Rama Iyer, C.S. Panicker A.N.Ramakrishnan and many others Contributed their sincere efforts to bring the Association to frontline.


To provide good value for the customers and to improve the working and living conditions of textile communities in India.


To popularize Khadi among masses and to create self-reliance amongst the rural population.