Being a quality centric organisation we lay paramount importance in maintaining quality in our entire range of khadi products. We have a team of quality inspectors and packaging experts who carry their work efficiently to deliver the best possible products as per the how to start an analysis essay requirements of our customers. Beginning from the inception of yarns and fabrics, to the designing, embroidering, finishing, packaging and then the final dispatch each stage is strictly monitored so that we are able to offer defect less quality to our customers.


In India, khadi evokes a strong sentiment since it has been associated with our freedom struggle. To give impetus to the freedom movement and as a substitute for materials being imported from Britain, Mahatma Gandhiji chose khadi, which soon became a symbol of the unity of India against the colonial power.
The use of Khadi also conveyed a powerful message that Indians could be self-reliant and live with dignity in the most trying of circumstances. The fabric still remains writing services company a tool of economic freedom and a means of livelihood with dignity for many, particularly in the rural areas. Khadi and village industries occupy the most important place in the country’s economy after agriculture.
Khadi is a part of our conscience and the symbol of our self-respect and self-reliance. Khadi and village industries are a medium for making the rural economy strong and they have huge potential for creating employment. Therefore, it is necessary for us to give it maximum encouragement. There is a necessity to expand programmes connected with khadi taking into account present requirements